Our Programs

Organic Food Gardening

GCP helps install and maintain organic food gardens at the homes of families and individuals in need, as well as at schools and other community institutions. We provide materials, know-how, and volunteers to help those with lack of access to affordable healthy food grow their own organic produce. GCP supports its gardeners by providing advice, materials and replanting help for at least two years, with ongoing material support (seeds, plants, compost) after that.

Education/Skills Workshops

GCP holds seasonal organic gardening skills workshops that teach participants how to double-dig, start seeds, and plan and maintain a garden. We also offer educational materials and presentations to community groups and organizations. GCP began holding Seeds-to-Starts workshops in 2006. At these hands-on workshops, participants learn how to prepare soil for seeds, how to plant seeds, and how to transfer seedlings into starter pots. GCP uses the starter plants from these workshops in the gardens we install during our Spring and Fall Dig-Ins.